Cosplay and anxiety

Hello lovelies! I have been very busy the last week trying to get our house together, as of yesterday we have been here six weeks and there is still so much yet to do. I’m feeling rather frustrated as I am unable to access any of my costumes or wigs at the moment due to everything hobby related still being packed but I am really hoping in the next week or two to finally have my babies back so I can start up some makeup tutorials and such which will be lots of fun! So the story behind today’s post is essentially that I have been dealing with anxiety since my teenage years and after having a bad panic attack yesterday due to a lot of stress, I’m all okay now by the way, I decided I wanted to talk about my experiences with Cosplay and how it has actually helped me in coping with my anxiety and how I deal with my anxiety at conventions.

So to give you a bit of insight I suffer from anxiety combined with a condition called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). While I get some of the more common symptoms of anxiety such as shortness of breath, chest pains etc I can also get the not so delightful symptoms of IBS, in other words when I get anxious I need the loo a lot haha! So you’re probably thinking, oh gosh comic conventions must be hell then, well yes but not really. I get anxious mainly about going to places that are unknown/new to me and meeting new people. When it comes to attending conventions/photo-shoots etc I find it’s about knowing what my triggers for anxiety are and how to deal with them. If you find you get anxious then here’s a few things I find help me when preparing for a convention or just social events in general;

  • I always pack a lavender scented perfume stick in my bag, if I feel anxious or an attack coming on lavender is a great scent to help relax you and bring yourself back into control.
  • I might sound crazy but it’s sometimes better to be over-prepared. I like to pack what I essentially call a “first aid bag”, it’s a small makeup bag with things such as plasters, Imodium, paracetamol and other little essentials so even if I don’t actually need them at least I know I have them on me in case myself or anyone else in my group falls ill or needs anything of the sort.
  • I feel it is really important not to push yourself, if you’re at a convention and it’s feeling busy and you’re starting to lose control just tell whoever you are with that you need to take a break, go outside or find somewhere to sit down have a drink or something to eat. It’s really important to take a break. Ghost and I will often spend a half day at the convention in Cosplay, go back to the hotel for a break and some food or even a nap and then head back again fully refreshed.
  • So when it comes to conventions I like to have a look online at the building layout so I know whereabouts the bathrooms are, to be honest when you have IBS it’s just a good thing to know and to be honest I actually get less anxious and worried about needing the bathroom in knowing where they are already. So actually just knowing where they are settles it down! If you don’t fancy looking at the layouts of the convention venue maybe consider exploring the venue first so you know where things are.
  • If you suffer with anxiety I wouldn’t recommend going to a comic convention on your own, plus it’s more fun to go with friends or family! I find being with Ghost at a convention is very comforting as he is familiar with the fact that I can get anxious and is very supportive.
  • We always book the same hotel for London MCM, I find that having a hotel near the convention is really beneficial. You don’t have to travel far to reach the convention and it means you have a base to head back to partway through the convention if you need a break.
  • And of course have fun!

So that’s it really for my little survival guide thingy for comic conventions, I hope you lovelies have found it useful!! I’ll be back next week with another post!

Much love,

Mochifairy ♥ x



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