Time to get started!

Hello lovelies! It’s wonderful to be back and writing again, I’ve had to have some time away due to our moving into our new house and getting settled. We officially moved in on the 30th of June and have spent the last month working our way through decorating the whole house and unpacking countless boxes. Needless to say we have not yet won the battle of boxes but we have made much progress! So really in this post I wanted to chat about my plans for this site and the projects I will be working on over the next few months, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

So currently I do not have a filming or crafting work space as we are in the process of painting and furnishing the office/craft room. To Ghost it’s an office and to me a craft room/ filming room depending on my plans for the day. Once it is all set up I plan on doing a little tour of the room as it would be lovely to share it with you guys!! We are hoping to have it at least functional in the next week or so and then by the end of this month fully decked out with costume and gaming stuff, huzzah! Once everything is set up I will start up my camera and get filming again but for now I’m going to have to stick to weekly blog posts.

 My overall plan for this blog is to share with you my experiences and opinions with regards to Cosplay, I will be spotlighting some of my own Cosplays, convention vlogging, doing some Q&A videos and much much more. I really want to work on showing you progress photos and videos of my projects to give you lovelies an insight on the process of making costumes and how much time and effort we Cosplayers put into our costumes. I also want to include some tutorials and guides for makeup and wigs and also some convention survival guides, I know we’ve all had those con experiences where some things just don’t go as planned and I have a few stories to share for sure! The final thing I’d like to add is that I will be doing some makeup reviews with regards to Cosplay and durability etc and just some general reviews as I am finding myself  become more immersed in the use of makeup.

I hope you enjoy the little sneak peaks of our new home below and I’ll be back within the next week with another post for you!

Much love ♥

Mochifairy x


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