Charlotte Tilbury Foundation

Hello lovelies! 

I wanted to make a quick little post about this amazing foundation, I’m in the process of trying it out and am hoping to do a video review once I get my YouTube channel up and running again in around a month or so. With my very pale cool toned complexion and extremely sensitive skin I find it very hard to find a foundation that not only matches my skin tone but is long lasting, moisturizing and flawless. After trying many drug store and high end foundations I’ve decided to bite the bullet and pay out for this miracle foundation. It’s the Magic Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury in the shade fair 1 which is their latest shade. At £30.00 or around $37.00 for 30ml/1 is it’s a fairly pricey foundation but from my first impression I have to say it lives up to its claims of being flawless, moisturizing and perfect for sensitive skin. I’m going to be testing it out over the next few weeks to prepare for my video review, in the meantime enjoy these filter free photos! X

Sending you much love!

Mochifairy x ❤ 


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