Character who is most similar to me?


Hello lovelies!

I’ve gotten a little behind again on the 30 day Cosplay challenge so i’m trying to catch up. Apologies for being behind, sadly I had an accident in my car on Monday so it has completely thrown me out of sorts and out of routine. There is nothing to worry about though nobody was hurt and I am in the process of working towards a new car as my little yellow car Pika unfortunately is beyond repair.

Anyhow onto the Cosplay talk, let’s talk about something more fun! So today’s topic refers to the character I would say I am closest to in personality out of all of my Cosplay’s. I’m for sure going to have to say Super Sonico! I haven’t actually done anything more than a casual photo shoot as Super Sonico though I do plan to at some point this year. I wore her to Cardiff Comic Con back in 2015, due to us being in the process of moving house her accessories are packed away but she will be one of my first Cosplay’s to get a refresh and photo shoot once we are settled and moved in. I feel I am closest in personality to Super Sonico as I’m just a crazy optimistic person, I sometimes do struggle under stress as anyone does but generally I’m a very positive person and just a clumsy. Then there is also my obsession with cats and anything cat related too!

So lovelies which character do you feel closest too in Cosplay? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Sending you much love!

Mochifairy x♥




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