My favourite cosplay to date.

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Hello lovelies! For day 6 of the Cosplay challenge I have to choose my favourite Cosplay out of the ones I have done to date. Now this was actually a really difficult decision for me to make as I love so many of my Cosplay’s and they each have their very own special feel and story behind them. In the end I have decided to go with Queen Chrysalis from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, so enjoy my little story and bonus pictures!

Queen Chrysalis was one of the first Cosplay’s I constructed instead of simply buying a full costume online, at the time I was a massive fan of My Little Pony (I still am) and wanted to wear a My Little Pony Cosplay to the meetup at MCM London. Of course Queen Chrysalis captured my heart with her wickedness and sexy attitude. I am really proud of the Cosplay considering the amount of time I put into making accessories and practising countless makeup designs for her. Okay so my makeup isn’t exactly professional but back then I was still pretty new to the whole makeup scene!

Cosplaying as Queen Chrysalis really opened up a completely different side of Cosplay for me, I’d never Cosplayed as a character who would perhaps be portrayed as ‘sexy’, I usually chose rather cute or innocent characters. I feel in Cosplaying her it brought out a new height of confidence for me, which is saying a lot as if you’ve ever met me I can generally be a pretty shy person, it was empowering in a way. My partner Ghost also doubled up with me and Cosplayed as King Sombra, there’s a sneaky picture of him below, he doesn’t mind me sharing. I have to say that our pairing at MCM received an amazing reception, I have never had so many photos taken at a convention which really made all of the hard work and effort into making my props and pretty much his entire costume worth it.

Let me know marshmallows! What’s your favourite Cosplay to date?

Sending you love,

Mochifairy x♥

A sneaky peak of Ghost ♥



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