My most recent Cosplay

Hello lovelies! Time for day 3 of the 30 day Cosplay challenge, woop woop! Today I’m going to be talking you through my most recently Cosplay, this one is a little something I threw together to go and watch the League of Legends finals with Ghost last year back in October. Yup it has been that long since my last Cosplay, mainly due to the fact that all of my crafting materials are packed away at the moment as we are in the process of getting our own house. Once we are moved in and settled I’ll be back on the sewing machine like a busy little Poro after those Poro snacks.

So first of all lets go way back to MCM May 2016 when I purchased this super adorable Poro themed maid apron, I saw it at a custom made costume stall and like anything cute I had to grab it. My amazing friend Emma Chan Cosplay also purchased a kimono from them, I’ll link you to her page at the bottom of this post. Sadly the seller didn’t have a business card or any social media information so I can’t share who the seller was. Also please do excuse the low quality photos they were mostly taken in the cinema haha!


The apron inspired me to piece together a Cosplay for Lulu from League of Legends as I was originally going to Cosplay Ahri to the event but as I was going to be sat down for such a long time I needed something a little more comfortable than a corset and tiny skirt. I ordered my lovely wig from CosCraft, I will link the wig below for those interested then got started on my ears. The ears were super easy to make and only took me about 3 hours including drafting the pattern and preparing materials. Luckily I had lots of spare Minky fabric on hand in the right colours for her ears. I based her colour scheme off of the Winter Wonderland skin because that’s my favourite and another one on my list of cosplays.



So there we have it my Poro Lover Lulu Cosplay, well that’s what I like to call her! I am hoping to do a photo shoot as her with an appropriate prop/wand later on this year. I will pop some links at the bottom of this post as to where I source my Minky fabric and base wigs for Cosplay.  Don’t forget to comment and share your most recent cosplays!

Sending much love,

Mochifairy x♥

Minky Fabric:

Wig for Lulu:



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