How many cosplays have you done?


Hello lovelies! Wonderful to see you all again, time for my second post on the 30 Day Cosplay challenge, I am a tad behind because I’ve had seriously tonsillitis for the past week and am still recovering so apologies for that, I’m on the mend and will be back in action very soon.♥

Lets talk a bit about how long I have actually been cosplaying for; I have been cosplaying since July of 2010, all in all I have completed 27 cosplays which does include a variety of casual cosplays as well. I admit looking back at some of them they were not exactly high quality but hey at the time I was proud of my work and had lots of fun which is the most important thing about cosplay! I keep thinking to myself oh my goodness have I really been cosplaying for nearly 7 years, feeling a little bit old over here. So instead of blabbering on I’m going to put a little photo timeline of some of my cosplays, this should be interesting. So lets start with some older photos and go forwards!

Lucy Heartfilia MCM London May 2013
I’m such a little baby cosplayer in this photo, I had no clue back then about how to do cosplay makeup, I didn’t even wear foundation but hell I loved cosplaying Lucy from Fairy Tail she’s my spirit animal on so many levels.



Queen Chrysalis MCM London May 2014
Okay so my makeup skills improved a tad since the previous year and this was one of the first cosplays I put together buying items online and such, I even made the horn and ears myself. Thank the queen of cosplay Yaya Han for her amazing store, those Chrysalis wings are amazing. She’s a cosplay I’d love to revamp one day.


Medusa Gorgon MCM London May 2014
This cosplay and I have a bit of a love hate relationship, I mean look at my arms in this picture haha! I have a goal to one day be fit enough to slay in this cosplay. Medusa I chose to cosplay as a shipping cosplay with Ghost cosplaying as Stein. I still have her in my wardrobe and want to bring her back soon.


Yuna August 2014
As much as I love Final Fantasy I cosplayed Yuna on an impulse buy, she was lots of fun to cosplay! Gosh it was windy on that day.


Ebony Bloodrose MCM London May 2015
I fell in love with this character for her general sexy and can do personality, gotta love a necromancer babe. I have to admit this was around the time when I started feeling super confident in cosplay! Only downside, those shoes hurt.


Lucy Heartfilia Bristol February 2016
Yes it was very cold when we eventually took this cosplay outside and no I have no regrets. Though some random guys asked if I wanted a kitchen with my costume, to be fair if they are offering to buy me a new top of the range kitchen including a Smeg fridge/freezer I’d take them up on that.


Megurine Luka MCM May 2016
This cosplay, I’ve never had one with so many pieces, you should have seen me trying to pin it all together haha. I love my Luka cosplay and am hoping to do a massive shoot as her this year!


I really hope you all enjoyed this post, it was really nostalgic looking back at all my old and crazy costumes but plenty of fun too. Please leave a comment and some pictures to share your cosplays with me as I’d love to see!

Sending you much love,

Mochifairy x♥


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