My first cosplay.

Greetings lovelies! 

In today’s post I wanted to talk a little bit about my first cosplay, there’s a story behind this one so grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you fancy!

So my cosplay journey began way back in 2012 back when I was at college. I had a group of awesome friends who were really into gaming and introduced me to some pretty badass games. One of these games being Kingdom Hearts, my first Kingdom Hearts game was 358/2 days on the ds. This game spoke to me on a completely different level to anything I’d played previously, being 17 I was still really discovering myself as a person. In particular I felt a strong connection to the character Xion, one of the guys from our group who was part of the cosplay community suggested I should cosplay her. Having no experience at all I went on eBay purchasing a black wig and organisation cloak for probably way more than I should have done. Hey we all make those rookie mistakes at some point, and we’ve got to start somewhere!

Upon wearing the full cosplay I felt a homeliness and a sense of confidence I had never really had in myself before, one could say I cracked through my outer shell and found my love for cosplay. Xion may have been one of my first cosplays but she is very dear to my heart and always will be.

So let me know lovelies who was your first cosplay and how did it make you feel?

Love Mochifairy x

Credit to:

Ccolosalcosplay – Sora

Mochifairy – Xion

Alltheanimu – our photographer


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