Moving out and art stuffs!

Cue geeky pastel goth style, just because I’m feeling it at the moment. Hello there my marshmallows I hope you are all well! I haven’t been very regular in posting as I have so many crazy, and some stressful, things going on in my life right now I’ve barely got to grips with getting I’ve to a regular routine with anything other than going to work. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. My boyfriend Ghost and I are currently in the process of finding and buying our first house, while this is a very exciting time for us it us also very stressful too and my anxiety has not been at its best over the past few months which is why I have been taking a short break from photoshoots and stuff. Though I’ve been taking a photoshoot break I’ve been working on costume plans and such, some I am keeping and tad hush hush for now but once we are settled I shall reveal all in a lovely youtube blog. I’m very much into sketching portraits at the moment so expect some more anime style art from me over the next few months, with my sewing machine packed away ready for moving I’ve had to find a different creative outlet. I do so love drawing! I will give you lovelies another update soon. 

Hugs and cuddles! Mochifairy x 


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